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Tuning for American cars

USPartscenter has a wide range of tuning options for American cars. We can adjust the soft and hardware for almost every American.

ECU tuning, improve performance through a software update, without adding or removing components. On location, or in our workshop (Rotterdam) .

Many factors such as exhaust emission standards, consumption, tax and sales policies force manufacturers to deliver the car's engine under their maximum capacity and top speed. By optimizing the software, up to 30% horsepower and torque increase are possible within the safety limits of the vehicle. The power increase percentage depends on the vehicle and the engine. We always strive for the most efficient and safe performance improvement.

The options per vehicle are too many to mention.

Interested? Then contact us for the options and prices. (ECU tuning from € 350).


Performance Exhaust Systems


The exhaust for your car (classic car) not available, we bend / make it fit.